Specialist Finance

Professional Practice Loans

We offer a range of financial services to Professional Practices at very attractive lending terms. The funding we provide is generally available at higher than normal ‘loan to value’ (LTV) facilities which in many cases can extend to 100% of the total funding requirement.

Specifically we can assist professional clients with Property Mortgages, Building and Development Loans, Cash Flow Support and Term Funding / Leasing for Essential Equipment required within the practice.

Nursing / Residential Care & Day Nursery Finance

It is generally acknowledged that people are living longer due to medical advances and a trend towards a healthier lifestyle has caused the older population to significantly increase over the last two decades. While this is obviously great news, there are some important social consequences.

Elderly people are often unable to look after themselves in their later years, the demand for resources to care for them is growing. Family and friends often help, but an increasing amount of the responsibility is being taken up by a growing sector of care providers. In fact, the figure of older people in care homes now approaches 500,000 in the UK alone.

Similarly the demand for quality Day Nursery places is rising very significantly offering a very profiitable business return if run well and to the highest standards.

Establishing a Nursing Home / Day Nursery or buying an established business can be a rewarding and fulfilling career move for applicants with the appropriate qualifications and business experience.

We have strong relationships with a broad panel of specialist lenders keen to support borrowers at very attractive terms and we also have exclusive access to some established funding lines.

Hotel, Pub, Restaurant and Leisure Finance

We are helping clients to realise their dream of business ownership and enter the Hotel, Pub, Restaurant and Leisure sector. We also assist current ‘tied’ leaseholders acquire the freehold of their current property and there are some special arrangements available in the finance market for well established and profitable businesses.

Key underwriting requirements for Hotel, Pub, and Restaurant Finance:

  • Demonstrable Business Experience in the sector.
  • Deposit funds available at circa 30% of the freehold business purchase price.
  • Additional security may be acceptable in lieu of full deposit funds.
  • Stock funding and working capital to be available ( VAT Bridging Loans available).
  • Special arrangements provided for established sitting tenants in a profitable business.
  • Trading accounts with proof of mortgage affordability from net profits are a key requirement.
  • Pubs ideally need a balanced ‘wet / dry’ revenue mix.
  • Solid, demonstrable business plan and cash flow forecast.

If your business plan and personal experience hold up and you have a the drive and commitment to enter this sector then we can assist.

Buying or starting a new business

If you are considering the purchase of a business or starting a new business and have a great business plan with the necessary experience then speak to us. There may be a need to buy a freehold property and many businesses will also need support with the purchase of the business goodwill, vehicles, stock and other key assets. We provide access to a wide range of secured and unsecured finance facilities to help get you started and can also advise on the Government Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme (EFGS) and the possibility of acquiring regional grants dependent on your location.

Commercial Mortgages to acquire a trading business:

  • Funding available to cover goodwill, fixtures & fittings and VAT bridging loans.
  • Secured Business Loans and MBO / MBI arrangements.
  • Equipment and Vehicle Leasing for assets valued from £2,000 upwards.
  • Invoice Factoring – Specialist schemes for new start and early stage businesses.
  • For assistance with starting your new business please call us today to see how we can help or submit an enquiry and we will contact you. Our advice is given freely, in confidence and without obligation.